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Mystery Tube - Haat Rods

Are you feeling like a little fun? Buy a Haat Rods Mystery Tube! In the Mystery Tube you are guaranteed the following:

  • 3 Haat Rods Stickers
  • 1 Haat Rods Hat
  • 3 Haat Rods*

Retail Value= $275-$325

*You will get 3 ice fishing rods that are from the following stock:

  • Prototype Models that we ended up not making
  • Discontinued Models
  • Not quite perfect Rods (cosmetic issues only—all rods will work fine)
  • Repaired Rods (returned Rods that we were able to fix, but replaced with a new one)

In all you will get a great value on 3 Haat Rods. Please note, because of the value offered, rods purchased in Mystery Tubes are not eligible for our warranty plan.

We offer flat rate shipping of:

  • $14.99 to United States including Alaska & Hawaii
  • $19.99 to Canada

Shipping is free when you purchase two or more ice fishing rods.


$184.99 USD

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    Reserve For Next Season

    Dear Haat Rods Customer,
    We are so grateful for the amazing response to our rods this year. Unfortunately, right now we are not quite able to keep up with demand. If you would like to guarantee you have a rod(s) for next season please make your pre-order reservation via the link below. No payment is necessary to sign up for your rod(s) now. We will e-mail you with a notice to make payment once the rods are ready. We promise to have it in your hands well in advance of first ice!
    Please indicate the Model and Quantity of each rod you would like to reserve.

      36" Medium Light Spinning
      36" Medium Spinning
      45" Medium Light Casting
      45" Medium Heavy Casting
      45" Extra Heavy Casting